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White House Yaba Lagos – Perfect Food for the hungry

The White House restaurant in Yaba, Lagos is a traditionally African location with a number of different dishes available for the lovers of local cuisine, as well as for the visitors who want to try something light and unique for their first meal in Nigeria.

True Taste of African Cuisine available for you at White House

Yaba is one of Lagos’ suburbs and a center of education and science. With Queen’s College and the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research found there, also with University of Lagos less than ten minutes away, the area is densely populated and has a large number of foreign guests for both leisure and educational purposes. Thus, its cuisine is tested on a daily basis by the most enthusiastic of people. Speaking of cuisine, do you know that local meals include the Jollof dishes, as well as Eba, Tuwo and Fufu? Find traditional African food in the educational center of Nigeria. Provided by the White House in Yaba Lagos.

Food Deliveries for Yaba Residents and Guests

Home delivery for anyone within the Lagos region. Working is inevitable, and not many of us have the energy or will to cook after having spent eight, nine or more hours in the office or warehouse. The solution to both working and nurturing your careers and having great home-cooked meal after that is to order online and get your quality traditional meals from White House in Yaba Lagos. Don’t know if you will like the taste? Check out our dishes and the taste would make you to ask for more.

White House in Yaba Lagos – Menu

Here is a list of all main dishes offered by the restaurant and which you can order online:

  • First point
  • Second point
  • Rice: White rice, Jollof and fried rice
  • Yam porridge
  • Beans combo
  • Swallows: Amala, pounded yam, Eba, Fufu, Semovita and Tuwo
  • Fish: Catfish and Smoked fish

The White House in Yaba Lagos has loads of attractive options as can be seen above. One of the most popular White House menu options is the combination of porridge meals where you can choose to have your porridge with either protein, moin-moin, plantain, beans or salad. In fact, this possibility to choose your own ingredients is another one of the specialties in White House’s menu. Most dishes in the restaurant cost just 500 Nigerian Naira.